Irrigation nylons

Using irrigation plastic and drip irrigation that has been imported to Iran over the past few years, you can dramatically reduce water and energy consumption.

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What is Irrigation Nylon?

Irrigation nylon is produced using low density polyethylene and high density polyethylene and recycled raw materials.
In addition, irrigation nylons are recyclable and do not pose a threat to the environment.
This product has a wide range of applications, but its most common use is in agriculture and construction, which is used for hardening.
In transportation, it is used to protect the load from external factors, to pack furniture, to cover the roof to prevent cold and heat, and to insulate the exterior of buildings, used in the agricultural industry for irrigation.
For example, roof insulation and external factors can save up to 20% in energy consumption.
The use of these nylons in hardening will bring the customer a long life of concrete and its high durability.
Although nylon irrigation has been widely used in developed countries for many years, it has become popular in our country in recent years.
The width of this nylon in first and second grade qualities is between 6 cm and 1000 cm and their thickness is between 15 to 800 microns.
Applying nylon with too little width and too much thickness means extra cost. However, the consumer company must finally have a product that is economical and cheap.
Adding some material during the production of irrigation nylon will bring maximum strength and flexibility to the nylon rolls.

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Application of irrigation plastic

As the name implies, this product is mostly used for agriculture and irrigation. But the use of this nylon is not limited to this case, but also has a wide range of applications in construction and construction.

The use of this type of nylon in hardening causes high strength of concrete and increases the life of concrete. It is also used for roof insulation, which reduces energy consumption by 20%.

This type of nylon is also used to cover the roof and heat and cold insulation, and stretch films are used for packing and moving.

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