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A path to progress

Thanks to God Almighty, in 1950, we started our activity in the field of plastics through sales, and in 1950, we started our production in the same field, with the production of nylon rolls in widths of 6 cm to 4 meters, and production over time in the year of production. We upgraded our construction, agriculture and greenhouse wide nylon to a width of 2 meters, and in year 2, by expanding the factory area in Shams Abad industrial town, we followed our products in the field of plastics in a completely technical and up-to-date manner. Now we are proud to produce Nylons 6 cm to 24 m wide in the plastics industry for agricultural, greenhouse, construction, and production of nylon shearing packs and for industrial and sanitary packaging and production of nylon bags in different dimensions with high capacity and superior quality and supply Domestic market, we have upgraded our goods to neighboring countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan. But this move was the starting point for another leap, the growth trend continued again as in 2008 we built another factory in Qazvin province located in Lia industrial town. We hope that with the help of God Almighty we can take a new step with modern technology and in return for the order And the wishes of our esteemed customers are proud.

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