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From time immemorial, humans have tried to make various things for themselves using natural materials, but they have always encountered problems. For example, they could not easily make spherical shapes. For this reason, objects and buildings remembered from very ancient times have more sharp edges. In addition, humans have always been looking for a way to increase the shelf life of food, liquids, etc. But some of these materials were always worn out.

These two reasons, along with other reasons, led man to make plastic. Over time, scientists have made great efforts to make plastic. They were able to make plastics from natural materials, yet the production of these plastics was limited by nature. By discovering the properties of oil, scientists realized that they could design plastics with very high properties. For example, they could make plastics for food packaging, or they could even save the lives of many people by designing plastic syringes.

This masterpiece could be a protector for copper wire strands due to its properties such as high ductility, very low reactivity and insufficiency, so you have easy access to telephone, internet and even electricity. This introduction was a bit long, but at least we realized that our lives without plastic were almost like the 16th century, and this is a clear reason to appreciate the great scientists who have sacrificed their lives for our easier lives. Now that we are a little familiar with the properties of plastic, it is better to move on to our main discussion.

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What is Nylon Stretch?

Introducing Nylon Stretch (What is Stretch Film)? )

The English meaning of the word stretch in Persian is elastic, so stretch film is a plastic that has many elastic properties and its use is to pack objects. If you have seen photos and videos of how this plastic works, you will notice that this plastic has adhesive properties. However, the adhesive property of the stretch film is not similar to the adhesive property of the adhesive. what does it mean? Let’s do a mental experiment.

Suppose you have a metal cube. We stretch the two sides of this cube with a machine. After this we find that the cube has lost its shape. But if we do the same thing with a cube made of stretch film, we see that it tries to return to its original shape, this property is called elastic property.

Well, now if we pull the nylon stretch around a tight object, the nylon tries to return to its original position and therefore sticks to the body. This feature of stretch film has many applications.

What is a stretch film?

Stretch nylon is another name for cellophane nylon. This product has elasticity and adhesion and has a transparent cheek shape.
Another product is polymer or nylon accent, stretch film, which is made of petrochemical materials, according to the technology used today in most industries, including food, industry and construction. It is an acceptable alternative to old pallet packaging, which is also more cost-effective, stronger and more convenient than other products.

This product, which is usually used using semi-automatic devices or manually, is produced according to the information received from the customer and is provided to the user to protect the product placed on the pallet. Stretch Power Rap film, which can be produced with various features according to the operation of the device, product type, layout and operator’s taste, with 4 times traction (400%) and a thickness of 12 to 50 microns by our company and marketed Is offered.

What are the features and applications of this good product?

In different industries, this product is used for packaging all kinds of products. Interesting features of this type of nylon are its elasticity and viscosity and thinness. For example, the most industrial application is in the palletizing of goods.

As you know, palletizing makes it easy to move goods, again reducing shipping costs and time wasted. By pulling nylon stretch on the product, moisture as well as dust can be prevented from entering it. Stretch production is done by a set of high quality poosheshplasticusing the best equipment with a high coefficient of elasticity. The minimum elastic property in the production of stretch is 400 and the maximum is 600.

What are the uses of nylon stretch?

Nylon stretch, which is produced by plastic coating, has various applications in various fields and for industrial and commercial uses. Here are some of these applications:

  • For palletizing various products and goods in industries and manufacturing plants
  • It is widely used for packaging bumper, parts and automotive products.
  • In the manufacturing industry, ceramics and decorative parts are used as coatings.
  • It is used as a suitable coating in food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors.
  • In the production of chemical solvents, paints, adhesives and resins
  • Application in home and office for home and office furniture
  • Application in kitchen appliances
  • Used in children’s toy products such as dolls
  • In the production of pipes and hoses
  • In wallpaper, laminate and parquet
  • In the production of polyester and wooden frames

Tensile properties of stretch film

One of the most important features of stretch film is related to its tensile properties, and according to this feature, it can be stretched around the product and very good packaging can be done.

The tensile property allows several products and goods to be held well together without moving and separating from each other. The tensile properties of this product will have another advantage for it and that is keeping the surface of the product and product clean. The reason for keeping the surface clean is the excellent adhesion of the stretch, which will not allow dust and dirt to penetrate in any way.
The tensile property of the pallet strap is such that even if the nylon is pulled with high pressure, it will not be a problem.

What is a pallet?

Stretch pallet is made of polyethylene material that has very high tensile properties as well as high adhesion and transparency, which is one of the best plastic packaging products in the industry, which protects the product in various ways.
One of the good advantages of nylon stretch is its anti-dust and anti-moisture capability, which makes the goods last longer, reduces transportation costs, and increases the efficiency of the industry.

The standard production of the company is as follows:

1- Standard:
Special standard stretch for screw pallets and packaging materials
Thickness 23 microns | Width 50 cm | Length 1000 meters | 500% traction rate | Used in standard speed stretching machines

2- Premium:
Thickness 23 microns | Width 50 cm | Length 1000 meters | Traction 700% | Puncture resistance Has excellent Dart Impact Strength | Used in high speed screw stretching machines
3- UV resistant stretch film
4- Film with a thickness of 10 and 12 microns with widths of 10, 15 and 20 cm for packing pipes, hoses and….
5- Film with special properties for packaging agricultural products.

Applications of stretch film

Suppose you are the manager of a factory-made packaging department, and now we want to explore the benefits of nylon stretch:

For example, suppose you want to put several objects together so that you can move them all at the same time. The first thought that comes to mind is to use cartons. What do you think are the limitations of Carton? First of all, there are no ready-made cartons in your factory! This means that you have to connect its sides in the factory or occupy a large volume of trucking for a small number of cartons.

Second, cartons are usually cube-shaped, and that means constraint. If objects are not completely cube-shaped, they are more likely to move during transport and will therefore be damaged. In addition, after sending the objects, the cartons will occupy a large volume and double the work. The carton may even tear or open and objects may come out of it.

Now, if you use stretch film, due to its adhesive nature, these objects will be firmly in place and will not come out of place, so they will not be damaged during transportation. This is the basis of packaging in factories. In factories, objects are placed on pallets, and this is usually done by machines (of course, this can be done without machines as well). Nylon stretch is wrapped around them several times.

This will make the objects stick together and make them easier to move. What other benefits do you think nylon stretch has? You no longer need to put nylon together! Nylon film is ready and we just need to pack the objects. Nylon film is ready and we just need to pack the objects. When you cover objects with nylon, you can be sure that dust and even moisture will not affect the body because there is a protective layer on it.

Even some stretch nylons block the effects of sunlight on objects (UV stretch wrap), which is commonly used in the food industry and extends the life of food. We all said bad things about cartoons, but stretch movies are not always better than cartoons. For example, if the things you are packing are not sensitive to shaking, it is better to use cartons, for example, chips and puffs packages are packed by cartons, not nylon stretch!

More pictures of stretch poosheshplatic

Types of stretch machines

Horizontal stretch

The existence of a model of stretchers in small and large manufacturing industries is inevitable. For this purpose, for more correct packaging and care, as well as visual beauty, long parts and products are screwed with the help of horizontal nylon screws.

From the packaging of aluminum and PVC profiles to the fabric and carpet can be screwed with the help of this type of cellophane machine.

Stretch Jack Pallet

Workshops, small industries and warehouses that do not have a forklift truck use pallet stretch jack to move and place pallets on the stretch machine.

For this purpose, this device is equipped with a jack to lift and mount the product on the turntable and perform screwing operations. The device is equipped with a height adjustment sensor.

Gate stretch

Some devices and equipment can not be placed on ordinary stretch machines due to their large volume and super heavy weight, therefore, despite the gate-shaped configuration, this type of machine is used.

The above machine has no weight limit for pallets and has the ability to pack 70 pallets per hour.

Stretch Roll

As can be seen from the name of the machine, it can be used as a roll machine for packing ball or roll products such as: Carpet rolls, tubular cardboard, fabric balls, types of tubes, lumber, etc. are used.

For this purpose, two rollers are installed on the bed of the device, on which the products are screwed into cellophane. These rollers have the ability to control speed.

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