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PoosheshPlastic Saen has half a century of experience in the production of laminated plastics for agricultural, greenhouse, construction, and production of nylon shearing packs and for industrial and sanitary packaging and the production of nylon bags in various dimensions. The use of high quality raw materials and the use of modern technology has made the company’s products welcome and exported to neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Nylon is a type of composite polymer and polyamide that has various uses. This material has good mechanical strength and high melting point. Nylons are water resistant.

Nylon was first used to make toothbrushes and socks. This versatile material was made by a man named Wallace Carrots.

Nylon bags are used in different parts, for example, the following can be mentioned:
Supermarkets, shopping malls, dried fruit packaging, inner packaging, protective nylon bags, shearing nylon bags, large size nylon bags for large and heavy items
Nylon bags can be produced in a flexible and durable way by using special methods, and by using recycled polyethylene, the cost price can be reduced and a cost-effective product can be produced.

Transparent nylon and Nylex plastic handles are a small part of this large family, but also a variety of freezer bags, greenhouse and agricultural, packaging plastics and… are also produced transparently. ( PoosheshPlastic )


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Nylon bag

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Nylon bag

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Irrigation nylons

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Nylon roll

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