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What is agricultural nylon?

What is agricultural nylon and what is its use?

Today, the development of agricultural industries and equipment has made farming easier for humans. In the past, agriculture was very difficult and tedious work because many natural factors such as cold and heat caused agriculture to be seasonal and crops were therefore exposed to damage and destruction. And that the farmer did not get the benefit she deserved for the hard work she put in.

One of the advances that has made farming easier and more desirable is the production of agricultural nylon. Agricultural nylon production has revolutionized agriculture. With other agricultural nylon, any type of plant can be grown in any season, and there is also no natural factors that hinder agriculture outside.

Agricultural nylon maintains the temperature inside it in spring and prepares the conditions for the products to work. Maintains soil moisture and reduces the cost of agricultural production.

Agricultural availability in agricultural nylon makes many agricultural products available to consumers in all four seasons. And the seasonal ban that used to be on farmers’ heads is no longer there, and factors such as cold and heat can prevent a crop from being planted.

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What is agricultural nylon?

Agricultural nylon is a type of clear and thick nylon that is used in agriculture. Its brightness is to allow light to reach the plants inside and make them grow better. It also reduces the energy consumption of light and its thickness is to be able to maintain its internal temperature so that plants can achieve the desired conditions for growth and yield.

Agricultural nylon is produced on the basis of polyethylene and other materials are added to it in order to improve its quality. Each of these materials adds a property to agricultural nylon to create more suitable conditions and substrates for the growth of plants in it.

Today, the use of agricultural nylon in modern and industrial agriculture is very common. Its prevalence is due to the good properties of agricultural nylon. In the following, we will discuss its features.

Properties of agricultural nylon

Agricultural nylon, if produced with high quality, has properties that make it a more suitable platform for growing and settling agricultural products. The use of quality agricultural nylon, although more expensive, but its use will make future products of better quality.

The use of quality agricultural nylon, although more expensive, but its use will make future products of better quality.

Agricultural nylon is thick

Agricultural nylon is thick. The same thickness maintains the temperature in the greenhouse environment, especially in the cold seasons of the year for better growth and yield of plants. The thickness of agricultural nylon keeps the environment warm inside.

Agricultural nylon is transparent

Light is one of the most important factors that causes plants to grow well and produce good products. It is transparent so that light enters the agricultural nylon and promotes better plant growth. This brightness allows the plants to enjoy the sun during the day. Using sunlight during the day saves energy and reduces production costs.

Agricultural nylon is light in weight

One of the great advantages of agricultural nylon over brick and cement is that it weighs very little and this low weight facilitates installation and transportation and reduces overall costs.

Agricultural nylon prevents the penetration of contaminants

Many plants grown in agricultural nylon environment are very sensitive to environmental pollution and contaminants may destroy or reduce their quality. Agricultural nylon isolates the culture medium of sensitive plants and prevents environmental pollutants.

Agricultural nylon prevents the infiltration of insects and vermin

One of the factors that can cause irreparable damage to agricultural products is the influx of insects and vermin. Agricultural nylon causes the environment to be closed and enclosed, which in turn prevents insects and vermin from entering it and damaging plants.

Agricultural nylon leads to more and better quality products

Products that are produced in the environment of agricultural nylon or the so-called greenhouse are enclosed. Products that are produced in the environment of agricultural nylon or the so-called greenhouse are enclosed. Insects do not harm plants produced in agricultural nylon and this increases their quality.

Light and heat are controlled and there is always enough. Plants do not suffer from food poverty and this is a very important factor that leads to increased production and better quality products.

Agricultural nylon has anti-ultraviolet capability

The world is under the intense and direct radiation of the sun. These rays have different wavelengths and frequencies. Some of these rays are beneficial and some of them are harmful to plants and can have a negative and positive effect on their growth and productivity. Light with a wavelength of 1 to 390 nm is called ultraviolet light. This light is not visible to the human eye. Plants are not compatible with UV rays and cause damage to them. Agricultural nylon has ultraviolet properties to prevent damage to plant tissues and promote better plant growth.

Agricultural nylon has the property of absorbing infrared rays

In the past, the only source of heat for humans was the sun until humans first discovered fire. The discovery of fire led humans to use another heat source to heat and cook food. In the greenhouse environment, in addition to using sunlight that has heat, radiant heating appliances are also used to adjust the temperature inside the agricultural nylon. Due to its thickness and compactness, agricultural nylon maintains the temperature inside and helps the plants to grow and develop as well as possible.

Agricultural nylon has anti-electricity properties

One of the advantages of agricultural nylon is that it does not absorb electricity, so to speak, it does not accumulate static electricity on itself. This feature prevents dust from settling on the products so that the plants can perform photosynthesis better. Also, its anti-electricity property eliminates water vapor on the roof of agricultural nylon.

Agricultural nylon has the property of maintaining temperature

In order for plants to grow well and produce well, they need the right temperature for the environment in which they are. The right temperature causes the products to be of better quality. Agricultural nylon usually maintains its internal temperature due to its thickness, which is one of its good features.

The use of agricultural nylon is economical

Making a hall traditionally with bricks and ceilings is very expensive, especially if it is to be built in a large area. One of the great advantages of agricultural nylon is its cheaper finish. This is why the cost of building a place for agriculture does not increase.

Agricultural nylon is retractable and removable

Spaces created with agricultural base and nylon to produce plant products have the ability to be opened, folded and moved whenever the builder wants to change the location or change the use altogether. This is one of the biggest advantages of agricultural nylon over brick and block places.

Types of agricultural nylons

Agricultural nylon is used in different places. In the following, we will name the types of agricultural nylon and briefly explain it so that you can get acquainted with it.

Greenhouse Nylon

Greenhouse is one of the most important places where agricultural nylon is used to cover the roof and walls to maintain the ambient temperature. Agricultural nylon prevents dust and environmental pollution from entering the greenhouse, which makes plants healthier and better at photosynthesis.

The use of agricultural nylon for greenhouses is a major revolution in the agricultural industry. Some plants only grow in their natural habitat in certain seasons of the year, and in other seasons the environmental factors are not ready to bear fruit. The use of agricultural nylon removes this limitation and causes many fruits or vegetables to be available in the market for consumers in other seasons.

Greenhouse nylon is one of the best-selling agricultural nylons. The reason for its high sales is its high efficiency and reasonable price. Produced in first and second grade qualities and delivered to the consumer.

Greenhouse agricultural nylon prevents atmospheric factors such as wind, rain, snow and cold from having a significant impact on the greenhouse environment, so that plants can continue to grow at the best temperature to bear fruit.

Nylon Mulch

Another type of agricultural nylon that is widely used is mulch nylon. Mulch nylon is one of the wide agricultural nylons that is mostly used for planting summer crops. Mulch nylon is the most widely used agricultural nylon after greenhouse nylon.

The use of nylon mulch for agriculture causes the soil to retain its moisture better and more, and water consumption for plants is reduced. This factor causes the products to grow faster and better and have a much higher quality.

Mulch nylon must be of good quality because if it is not good quality, nutrients and plant roots will enter the soil over time and the isolation it has created for the soil will disappear and environmental pollutants will enter the agricultural nylon. The entry of pathogens causes the plant to lose its product quality.

The advantages of using nylon mulch are mentioned below:

  1. Maintains heat and soil moisture.
  2. Reduces water consumption.
  3. Protects the plant against insects.
  4. Makes the quality of plant products.
  5. Protects the soil and roots of the plant.
  6. Prevent the entry of environmental pathogens

Silo Nylon

Silo nylon is another type of agricultural nylon, also called forage nylon. It is made of polyethylene and has several layers. Animals and vermin are used to store and maintain forage health. Due to its thickness, silo nylon both prevents the spread of forage and regulates it.

Silo nylon also prevents excessive sunlight from drying out the forage. It also prevents the entry of microbial agents so as not to cause disease to animals after reaching the place of consumption.

Farmers should also be aware that silo nylon should not be exposed to direct sunlight and rain. Also, after the silo nylon is opened, it should be used by livestock immediately so that it does not suffer from environmental pollution.

The advantages of using nylon silo are mentioned below:

  1. One of the most cost-effective ways to store fodder.
  2. It causes order and non-distribution of fodder.
  3. Prevents environmental pollution.
  4. Blocks sunlight so that forage does not become dry and rotten.
  5. It causes forage to maintain its nutritional properties and quality.
  6. The use of silo nylon causes the health of animals from disease.

Nylon disinfectant

Disinfectant nylon is another type of agricultural nylon. This nylon prevents pathogens from penetrating the greenhouse soil and does not cause disease in the plants in which it is grown. Protecting disinfectant nylon from the soil allows plants to produce better quality crops.

Agricultural disinfectant nylon is made of extruded polyethylene, which makes it possible to take good care of organisms that are useful for agricultural soil.

Also, these agricultural nylons are very resistant to perforation so that pathogens can not easily penetrate into the soil. These nylons also protect the soil from toxic agents such as pesticides and prevent them from being absorbed into the soil.

There are several benefits to using disinfectant nylon:

  1. Soil protection whether in greenhouse or outdoors
  2. It causes the plant to produce higher quality products
  3. It is the cheapest way to disinfect the soil.
  4. Prevents contamination from entering the soil
  5. Help the plants grow harmoniously
  6. Increase the productivity of fertilizers and disinfectants that are injected into the soil

Disinfectant nylon is usually marketed to consumers in kilograms.

Applications of agricultural nylon

Used in the construction of greenhouses

The most common use of agricultural nylon is to build greenhouses. The most important reason for using agricultural nylon is that it is cheaper than brick or cement structures. Cheaper cost of greenhouses by agricultural nylon reduces costs and overall production costs. Lower production costs allow farmers to send their products to the production market at a better price for consumer use. Proper delivery of products leads to customer satisfaction and also leads to the prosperity of greenhouse products.

Used in the construction industry

Today, the use of agricultural nylon is not only common in the agricultural industry. Due to the low cost of using agricultural nylon in the construction industry, it is also used. Especially if they want to separate spaces from each other at a cheap or reasonable price. Or it is used to cover the roofs of swimming pools or warehouses. Or they use agricultural nylon to raise the ambient temperature in the cold seasons of the year.

Used to cover the soil

Soil is a very vital element of water in agriculture. If the soil is healthy and suitable, agricultural products with the highest possible quality will be delivered to the consumer. One of the methods used to try to isolate the soil and remove environmental pollutants is the use of agricultural nylon. Agricultural nylon covers the soil surface to remove pathogens and provides conditions for better plant growth.

At the end …

Agricultural nylon is one of the most widely used nylons used in agriculture and elsewhere. In the above article, it was briefly explained and its features and uses were told to you, dear reader. We hope that this useful and concise article has introduced you to agricultural nylon.

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