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What is nylon shearing ?!

Production method and factors affecting it

Shearing nylon is a product that is very sensitive to heat and is produced at a certain temperature.
Shearing shell is produced in the temperature range between 108 to 122 degrees Celsius using Petkim G03-5 raw materials. In the first stage, the shears are placed inside the machine and in the second stage in the opposite direction and at a temperature of 5 degrees higher than the machine temperature.Placed .
Since nylon shearing has a lot of ductility, during production, the method of production and the type of machine should be taken from the image of the final product.
During the test in the laboratory environment it is clearly visible that as the compression and swelling in the shearing increases, so does the length of the shearing.
When the impact ratio to the output head increases from 1/1 to 1/3, a slight increase is observed on the horizontal surface.
In addition, the twisting speed of the hook has a direct effect on shearing.

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Characteristics of nylon shearing:

One of the features of nylon shearing is the model and the way it is covered because it prevents dust from reaching the product and causes it to be preserved and dust and pollution to sit on it.

Shearing nylon has the ability to be dyed.
The weight of this product is very low and light.
It can be produced in different sizes and dimensions.
It is a very strong barrier against sunlight.
It is resistant to the penetration of various liquids.
It is also possible to customize its thickness.

Application of nylon shearing pack

Peg nylon shearing is used in different industries, each of which must have different characteristics and dimensions.

  • Pharmacy, food and beverages
  • Application in parts packaging in automotive
  • Chemical solvents, dyeing, adhesive and resin production
  • Packing all kinds of office and home furniture
  • Packaging and supply of kitchen appliances
  • Application in the packaging of computers and accessories
  • Application in packaging of porcelain, ceramic tiles

How to shear with nylon and maintenance

Nylon shearing rolls should be placed horizontally to prevent deformation.As much as possible, they should be kept in a roofed place so that direct sunlight does not shine on them to prevent light damage. Avoid prolonged loading to prevent deformation of the coil.Be.

The rolls should be placed horizontally to prevent spindle deformation. To prevent the destruction of cardboard coils, they can be used inside the rolls, in a dry place away from moisture.

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Frame shearing machine

Frame machines wrap thermoplastics around the product. These types of devices are commonly used for products that are tall and large. (Such as building doors, radiators, double glazed windows)

Deep water tank( deep tank)

In this type of device, a hot water tank is used to shear the products and after placing the product in thermoplastic, it is immersed in hot water. The hot water tank is designed for products such as cheese, which has a very sensitive temperature limitation.

Cabin shearing machine

The cab device is designed in such a way that the desired product is placed inside a container. This device is mostly used when it takes more time to pack the desired product than tunnel mode and is usually used for production with low cost and speed.

Tunnel shearing machine

Tunnel shearing machine It is designed in such a way that by passing the product or a number of products (for example, 6 family drinks) by passing it, the plastic is first pulled on it and by using a gentle heat that can be radiated by the heater or steam heat When the water is hot, it sweetens the product.

More pictures of nylon shearing

Production in a variety of dimensions with the lowest price

PoosheshPlastic Saen factory with low prices but high production quality and guaranteed can meet all your needs in relation to the production of shearing, so this type of packaging plastic can be produced in all dimensions and thicknesses.

Price : Shearing nylon is placed according to the price of petrochemical raw materials, so to get the exact price, just contact the management.

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